Types of coffee machines

Release time: 2024-03-12

Types of coffee machines


        A coffee machine is a device that can automatically or semi-automatically make coffee. With the rise of coffee culture, the types of coffee machines are becoming increasingly diverse. Below, we will introduce several common coffee machines to you.

1. Drip filter coffee machine

Drip filter coffee machine is one of the most common household coffee machines. Its working principle is to put the ground coffee powder into filter paper, then pour in hot water and make coffee by dripping. The drip filter coffee machine is easy to operate and suitable for making large amounts of coffee.

2. Italian coffee machine

Italian coffee machine is a semi-automatic or fully automatic coffee machine. It uses steam and pressure to make espresso. Italian coffee machines are usually equipped with a grinder that can grind coffee beans into a delicate powder. By passing hot water through coffee grounds at high pressure, a rich and creamy Italian coffee is obtained.

3. Capsule coffee machine

Capsule coffee machine is a convenient and fast coffee machine. It uses pre packaged coffee capsules, just put the capsules into the machine, press the button, and you can make a cup of coffee. Capsule coffee machines are suitable for those who pursue convenience and consistent flavors.

4. Cold extraction coffee machine

Cold extraction coffee machine is a device for making cold extraction coffee. It slowly extracts the aroma and flavor of coffee by soaking coffee grounds in cold water for hours or days. The coffee produced by the cold extraction coffee machine has low acidity, a soft taste, and a rich aroma, making it suitable for people who enjoy cold coffee.

5. Pot coffee maker

A pot coffee maker is a traditional hand brewed coffee tool. It consists of a pot with a filter and a bracket. To make coffee using a pot brewer, you need to manually pour hot water onto the coffee grounds and wait for a period of time for the coffee to slowly drip into the pot. The coffee made by a pot brewer has a rich taste and a rich aroma.

6. Commercial coffee machine

A commercial coffee machine is a coffee machine designed specifically for coffee shops, restaurants, and offices. It usually has a larger capacity and higher work efficiency to meet a large demand for coffee. Commercial coffee machines offer a variety of coffee options, such as espresso, American coffee, cappuccino, and more.

7. Automatic coffee machine

The automatic coffee machine integrates functions such as coffee grinding, boiling water, and brewing tea, and can produce a variety of coffee and tea drinks. It has an intelligent operation interface that can adjust the concentration and temperature of coffee according to personal taste. Automatic coffee machines are suitable for those who pursue personalized flavors and high-quality coffee.


The above are several common types of coffee machines. The drip filter coffee machine is suitable for daily household use. The Italian coffee machine produces rich Italian coffee, the capsule coffee machine is convenient and fast, the cold extraction coffee machine makes cold drink coffee, the pot coffee machine brings traditional hand brewed taste, and the commercial coffee machine is suitable for a large number of needs. The automatic coffee machine has intelligent operation. Choosing a coffee machine that suits your needs will bring you a delicious coffee experience.

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